Discover The Hidden Secrets Of The Cosmos That Reveal Your Soul’s True Purpose

I then began teaching astrology publicly, helping hundreds of clients and students embody their natal chart to gain a new understanding of themselves and their purpose in life.

Why is embodiment important? Because intellectual understanding alone doesn’t change your life. If someone wanted to drive, they would be much better off practicing driving than reading books on driving!

In the same way, if you cannot FEEL the energies of planets and stars in your bodies, then you’ll get stuck in your head and confused about what your horoscope really means. This is why many people are still confused after getting a reading.

But when you learn how to embody your natal astrology, you’ll find yourself in alignment with the universe. Things will start to “work” on their own without you having to force things. You’ll begin to notice synchronicities and intuitive “hits” confirming you’re on the right path. And most important of all, you’ll know and trust yourself at a deep level.

If you’re ready to learn more about yourself, your soul’s purpose and your evolutionary journey through life, then I’d like to announce my new course…

Read on if you’d like to learn how to use your birth chart to find wealth, love, success and happiness 

The Blueprint To Your Life! 

 Anyone Can Directly Connect With These Cosmic Energies To Receive Wisdom, Guidance And Healing

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How hundreds of spiritually-curious souls are going from confusion to clarity… 

Astrology Unveiled:

My name is Louise Edington, and I’ve been an avid student and teacher of astrology for over 30 years. I’m a certified peer group leader of the Organization for Professional Astrology. My passion is teaching and guiding others to awaken to their own inner power by understanding the secrets of the cosmos.

But I’m more than just an astrologer. In 1990, I was invited to spend a few months with Native Americans and help build sweat lodges. During that time, the indigenous tribes taught me powerful shamanic practices that enabled me to deeply connect with nature and universal energies.

These experiences validated my understanding of astrology as I began to embody the knowledge. I began to perceive subtle messages from the universe in my own body! And it’s not because I’m special.

What I’ve realized was, with just a little practice… 

My new online course teaches you the foundation to natal astrology and its numerous uses to benefit your life.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my 30+ years of studying astrology - including private mentorship with the world’s best teachers and coaches - into an easy-to-follow video course that will allow you to understand and embody your birth chart.

You can’t get these types of personalized insights from free horoscope generators or magazine columns - those sources don’t go deep enough.

And unlike many other astrology courses and books, this course is not about learning concepts and memorizing keywords. Plus, you’ll find shamanic journey meditations and journaling exercises to help you feel and understand each sign and planet in your own being.

That’s what opens up your “6th sense” and intuition, allowing you to make important life decisions with more certainty and clarity. It’s the secret to a more fulfilling and extraordinary life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Astrology Unveiled…

How to discover the astrological blueprint for your career, relationships and life purposes so you can make decisions that align with your authentic self

2 best websites (and mobile apps) to create your natal chart. Many tools out there neglect the smaller planets (like Ceres and Chiron) that also influence your cosmic blueprint…

“Big 3” signs that determine your core identity, emotional blueprint as well as your “social mask” you put on for others

12 houses and how they impact your finances, self-worth, career, partnerships and other important aspects of your life

The energetic signatures of the
 12 Zodiac signs that holds the key to self-understanding

soul’s purpose and biggest opportunities for growth – according to the 2 nodes of the moon

Practical tips and tools for integrating astrology into 
daily life & spiritual practices

How to use your birth chart for self-reflection, personal growth and decision making

How to use astrology to create more 
loving and harmonious relationships (hint: the first step is NOT comparing you and your partner’s birth charts!)

The “wounded healer” comet that holds the key to 
healing and transformation… look here to see where you may have inner wounds that need to be addressed

A Beginner’s Journey Into Embodying The Mysteries of the Universe 

You see, when you begin to understand your traits, life patterns, strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level, you gain a renewed sense of self-acceptance and self-love. 

You stop being so hard and judgemental of yourself…. and that critical voice in the back of your head quiets down and becomes your best friend… cheering you on and supporting you on your journey.

And again, it’s more than just knowing theory. It’s all about embodying and feeling the celestial energies.

That’s why you’ll also get… 

All of this in 8 core modules with easy-to-digest video lessons: 

Creating Your Horoscope 

Introduction To Astrology 

Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body Meditations 

The Zodiac Signs: Unraveling The Cosmic Archetypes 

The Planets: Celestial Messengers Of Influence 

The Birth Chart: Unlocking Your Cosmic Blueprint 

Practical Applications of Astrology: Harnessing The Celestial Wisdom to Embody Your Chart 

Embodying the Mysteries of the Universe: Fully Living Your Natal Chart 

This course is for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike who want to gain a complete understanding of your soul’s “energetic signature” without having to memorize any complex keywords or theories. 

How Much Does The Astrology Unveiled Course Cost?

This Course Is Not For Everybody 

And one last thing… 

It’s for those who are interested in personal growth and development.

This is NOT for you if you are only interested in predicting your future…when will you get married… when should you move…and things like that…

This course is about how to understand yourself intimately and find these answers within yourself.

By the end, you’ll be a different person than you are now.

You’ll gain stronger resolve and motivation to pursue what your soul really wants… instead of what your parents, authorities and society wants.

You’ll discover greater clarity around your values and next steps… on your own unique path of personal creativity…

You’ll release old patterns and gently release old wounds from your heart…

And most importantly, you’ll have the blueprint for creating an extraordinary life.

Click below to get started right away:

To your success,

Louise Edington  

To your success,

Louise Edington  

P.S. Here is what some of my students and clients are saying about me and my programs…

“Though I have been studying Astrology for a few years, this was new to me!”

Though I have been studying Astrology for a few years, this was new to me!  Louise is an incredible Astrologer!  Her teaching is compassionate, intuitive, and insightful!  I was able to gain so much more clarity about my purpose and soul mission in this lifetime!  I was totally validated with how I felt regarding my work as a healer and not feeling in complete alignment as a healer.  She gave me direction and ideas that felt more of who I am!  I whole heartedly believe if more humans understood their Soul’s evolutionary journey and purpose, we could heal humanity!  I highly recommend time with Louise!  She is a standout in the growing popularity of astrologers because she understands that when we know ourselves at the deepest level and our Evolutionary journey ~ we heal, transform and can be of purpose in this!  I am so grateful!

– Jill W

“I am moved. I am transforming. I am tuned up. I shine”

It’s going to take me a while to sort through and unpack all the gifts I took from this workshop. This is wonderful to me! The work was THAT profound. What I can say right now — just at the end of our time together — is that I am not the same person who entered the workshop all those weeks ago. I am moved. I am transforming. I am tuned up. I shine.

– Kate Thornton Scrivener

“...was awakened to the impact it has had on me both personally and professionally”

I’ve never done shamanic work before and was awakened to the impact it has had on me both personally and professionally. Your expertise and wisdom each week has helped me deepen my knowledge as an astrologer in my business. And personally I feel the confidence and courage that has emerged during this Venus rebirth period.

– Barbara Alexander, Intuitive Advisor and Astrologer

“I experienced healings from childhood I had not had in 20 years of doing healing work.”

I had an amazing discovery of letting go of old patterns and gently releasing of old wounds from my heart.

Louise,  with her Venus in Retrograde work,  I swear opened  a portal that allowed me to access the answers I have been seeking as well as  stepping into my passions more fully.

I felt my  intuitive “hits”, coincidences  and messages from Spirit  multiplied.  Solutions to questions I was  pondering magically appeared.  Manifestations of things that were either stuck or  not flowing came forward.  I experienced healings from childhood I had not had in 20 years of doing healing work.

– Martha Fishback

“Louise’s guidance has helped me to move towards being the heroine in my own story.”

I was prompted by an inner urge to sign up for Louise’s Heroine Journey.  It has really deepened my student level understanding of the Venus cycle and its implications for our personal growth.  And it turned out that “the clock of my chart” could not have picked a more suitable time to learn about the five pointed star which has fascinated me for so long.  Louise’s guidance has helped me to move towards being the heroine in my own story.

– VR

“There is something deeply nurturing about the space Louise creates for her students”

There is something deeply nurturing about the space Louise creates for her students and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to explore the depths of who they are using a structure that honors the feminine.

– Marija Parente, Total Access™️ Artist and Coach

– Marija Parente, Total Access™️ Artist and Coach

Dear friend,

If you want to gain deep clarity about yourself, your life path and your soul’s purpose, then this will be the most important page you’ll read all day.

Here’s why: You’re reading this because you’re awakening to the truth that there is so much more to life and yourself than what your parents, teachers and society led you to believe.

Your confusion, pain, and suffering has led you on this spiritual path of re-discovering who you really are. It’s a path that only the most courageous embark on. But It’s not an easy path - there’s lots of ups and downs. Yet those who walk it are ultimately rewarded with a life of abundance, love and happiness.

The problem is, most people embark on this difficult journey without a guidebook. That’s like trying to build a house without a blueprint!

The guidebook I’m referring to here is one that reveals your personality, challenges, strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

It’s all contained in your astrological birth chart and it’s
 quite literally…

We’ll also include meditation tracks to take you inside your body and FEEL the energy of the planets - once you do this your chart will begin to “speak” to you 


The cost of this course is $47.

That’s a steal considering I normally charge $300 for a reading.

And once you have this knowledge, you’ll be able to understand yourself better and more deeply than what anyone else can ever predict about you. That’s because you’ll FEEL these truths in the deepest parts of your being.

Understanding yourself will help you know how to advance your career or make the correct life decision - which will pay back your investment thousands of times.

Success in the areas of love, marriage, children, and friendships has infinite value. You’ll gain a priceless feeling of security as you develop your intuitive understanding of which types of people you should and shouldn’t mingle with.

To join Astrology Unveiled, simply fill click the order form below. You’ll be taken to a secure payment page. Once you complete check out, you’ll gain instant access to the course and can begin gaining deep insights into your personality, preferences and purpose right away.


Astrology Unveiled is self-paced so you can learn on your own schedule!