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This Tarot journal and workbook helps you turn flat readings into crystal clear guidance and insights.

Are you frustrated with inaccurate or confusing Tarot readings?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the 78 cards and all their possible meanings?

Do you want to have more FUN with Tarot while gaining valuable insights?

If so, this intuitive Tarot Journal & Workbook was created for you!

You see, most people’s Tarot practice is just shuffling, reading, and putting the deck back in its box. But in my 20+ years of experience, it was when I started journaling about the cards - and having fun with my practice - that my readings leveled up.

When I stopped being harsh on myself and trying to memorize the cards, their meanings began to “stick”. Journaling has helped to internalize my impressions - and it’s also a fun way to pass the time.

So that’s why I created the Intuitive Tarot Workbook and Journal. 



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End tarot confusion and start reading like a pro! 

For print or digital use!

You’ll discover 30+ spreads that are fun and easy to learn for beginners, including…  

  • A deck interview spread - to create an instant bond with your cards

  • Love compatibility spread - to determine whether a love interest is compatible with you

  • Dream interpretation spread - to uncover hidden meanings in your dreams (including recurring ones)

  • The week ahead spread - get hints on what to come in the coming days and weeks

  • And much, much more…

Plus, you’ll also find some fun exercises that can help you to connect with your decks such as…

  • Speed dating with the cards - to develop and strengthen your connection

  • Layouts to create your own cheat sheets - this is how you learn card meanings fast without memorization

  • And lots of tips and tricks to make Tarot more fun!

🌟 Print or Digital Ready: This journal is more than just printable; it's fully digital. Every field is fillable, and you can save your Tarot insights directly to your device. No more ink spills or paper waste.

Light or Dark: Choose your path with the Light and Dark versions. The Light version is perfect for those who wish to print, while the Dark version exudes an enigmatic aura, ideal for digital use.

Both newer and experienced Tarot readers have told me how much they love this journal, and how helpful it’s been to their journey.

Click the button below to get it for just $7.99.

BUY NOW FOR $7.99!
  1. Your Tarot Deck and You - Get started right away and learn the 6 layouts and spreads to instantly connect with your deck 

  2. The Basic Tarot Spreads - Learn the 5 famous basic spreads to uncover hidden insights on any specific challenges

  3. The Cycles - Get hints on what’s coming up for you in the next day, week, month and year

  4. Love, Love, Love  - Love and relationship spreads to deepen your existing relationship, determine compatibility, and navigate newer relationships 

  5. Reading Tarot for Yourself - Get answers to major and minor questions from your own intuition and higher Self

    As you use this journal, you’ll naturally remember what each of the cards mean over time. It’ll happen sooner than you think! 

    Before you know it, you'll gain confidence and reassurance in your reading ability. 
    You may even end up as the “oracle” in your friend circles...

It’s over 50 pages and divided into 5 sections

BUY NOW FOR $7.99!

We kept your preferences in mind! This journal is…

BUY NOW FOR $7.99!BUY NOW FOR $7.99!