Discover The Secrets To Accessing Universal Wisdom and Guidance At Your Fingertips Using Tarot And Astrology!

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Dear beautiful soul,

Would you like to learn how to tap into divine guidance to gracefully navigate the ups and downs of your life…

And at the same time, gain crystal-clear understanding of your personality, relationships, and soul’s purpose?

If you answered “yes”, then I’d like to show you how you can master the ancient arts of Tarot and Astrology - and accelerate your personal growth and fulfillment.

The best part is, you don’t need to have any psychic powers…

You don’t need to spend years studying ancient texts…

All you need is our Ultimate Tarot & Astrology Bundle. 

Included are a set of 3 programs that will first show you how to harness the power of Tarot to get guidance for daily life - including the nitty gritty decisions.

You’ll also learn the ancient wisdom of Astrology so you can decode your soul’s purpose and enjoy more success in your life in the area of money, love, friendships, health and spirituality.

The reason we’re offering this 3-course bundle at a generous discount is…


Tarot & Astrology Are 

Powerful Combo!

They go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly.

Both are ancient divination arts but they are used for different purposes…

Tarot will guide you through any specific question or situation. You can use it for your day-to-day questions, challenges and decisions.

Astrology, on the other hand, helps you understand your “big picture”. That includes your personality, unique strengths and what’s in store for you in the coming months.

When you do invest some time into learning these systems yourself (it’s a lot easier than you might think), you gain access to infinite Universal wisdom at your fingertips!

Here’s how combining Astrology and Tarot can help you get the answers you’re seeking while creating a more abundant and fulfilling life:

Uncover The Blueprint Of Your Life 
While Tarot provides instant, intuitive guidance, astrology offers a deep, long-term view of your life. Together, they create a complete approach to living your best life according to your destiny.

 Receive Daily Guidance & Understand Your Life Patterns 
Tarot is your trusted companion for daily questions and specific situations. While Tarot is nitty gritty and dives into the “weeds”, astrology gives you the birds-eye road map of your destined path. Both are needed in order to embrace your fullest potential.

 Gain Direct and Personalized Insights
Tarot's intuitive messages, combined with astrology's structured analysis, offer highly personalized guidance. It's like having a direct channel to your spirit guides for EVERY aspect of your life.

To help you leverage the power of both of these ancient practices, we’ve bundled together 3 of our top courses with an amazing discount of 20% off.


Andrea Dupuis, resident astrologer for Rising Woman (featured in Elle magazine with millions of monthly viewers), will teach you how to use tarot to get clear on any questions you have about your past, present and future. 
This is a complete masterclass on how to start reading Tarot quickly and with confidence and accuracy – without having to spend hours and hours studying and memorizing abstract concepts. It’s designed to take you from total newbie to a skilled reader in just days or weeks. Intermediate readers will also benefit from this class.

Andrea also covers some of the most common blocks and confusion around Tarot to help you get unstuck and recentered in your practice as quickly as possible.  

By the end, you’ll be fluent in Tarot and be able to give accurate readings for yourself and others with confidence. This class is self-paced so you can work through the material on your own time.

In This Three-Part Masterclass
You'll Discover:

Course #1:

with Andrea Dupuis

Session One: The Secret Meanings of Tarot

First, we’ll set the groundwork. You’ll learn the symbolism and secret messages written within each tarot card.

You’ll discover…

  • How to Unlock the Mysteries of Tarot: What the minor and major 'arcana' are so you can successfully navigate life’s ups and downs

  • Subconscious Wisdom Unveiled: Learn the archetypes of tarot and decode the profound messages they carry from your subconscious mind

  • Everyday Guidance at Your Fingertips: The 4 different suits and the day to day experiences they represent (you can turn ordinary moments into extraordinary revelations once you understand this)

  • Effortless Recall: How to memorize each card and it's meaning with ease so you can draw up the Tarot’s wisdom whenever you need it

    Session Two: Ideal Spreads

    Once you understand the meanings of the cards, the next step is to know how to place them into a 'reading’ or spread.

    You’ll discover…

  • Ideal Spreads: To gain easy and clear answers to your most pressing questions

  • Harmony or Heartache? Try my special relationship spread to uncover compatibility, delve into your partner's thoughts, or reveal the potential of a new romance

  • Your Life's Blueprint: General life spread to get a sneak peak into the future and prepare what life has in store for you

  • Morning Spreads: Start your day with purpose (and align your energy and intentions from sunrise)

  • Lunar Power in Your Hands: Harness the energy of the moon with new and full moon spreads to set powerful intentions and release what no longer serves you

    Session Three: Demo Readings with Andrea & Special Guest Reader

    One of the best ways to learn tarot is to watch others read. Watch Andrea and her special guest demo readings using their unique intuitive processes.

    In this session…  

  • See Tarot in Action: Watch Andrea and a special guest perform demo readings, providing you with a visual guide to a professional reading from start to finish

  • Insider's Look: After each demo, join us for an exclusive debrief where we break down the reading step-by-step, revealing insights into the art of interpretation

  • Intuition Amplified: Learn to tap into your intuition with our expert techniques, and discover how to achieve profound insights that transcend the messages of the cards

Here’s What’s Included In the Tarot & Astrology Bundle

Take Advantage Of This 20% Off 
Special Discount 

The Ultimate Tarot & Astrology Bundle is a transformative journey that will show you how to access divine guidance for daily decisions and challenges in your life - both big and small.

And not only that, it will empower you to accept and embrace your TRUE self, understand your unique path in life, and even make extra income from your newfound expertise in the mystical arts.

With easy-to-digest video lessons, demonstrations and guided meditations, you'll have all the tools you need to embark on this cosmic adventure. Everything is pre-recorded so you can go through at your own pace to ensure you absorb all of the information.

The regular price for this bundle is $291, but today, you can get access to everything for 20% off at just $232.

That’s less than what most professional astrologers and tarot readers charge for a 30-minute reading - and you gain the tools to do unlimited readings for yourself and others for life. 

Act now to get started on your cosmic path for just $232 (limited time offer).

Get the Astrology 360 Bundle NOW for 20% Off

To your highest good,
A Little Spark of Joy

P.S.  Here’s what some people are saying about the teachers, Louise and Andrea


ONLY $232

Usually $291 > 20% OFF!

Taught by Rising Woman’s resident astrologer, Andrea Dupuis, this 3-part masterclass shows you how to use Tarot to receive divine guidance.

You’ll learn about the meanings of cards, ideal spreads, predictions, and see live demos.

This is designed to help you read tarot with confidence and accuracy - without having to spend hours memorizing cards or abstract concepts.

You’ll also get a bonus workbook that will serve as a handy reference, as well as a guided meditation to sharpen your intuition.

The Mystic Tarot Masterclass

Taught by expert astrologer with 40+ years of experience, Louise Edington, this course will teach you the foundations of natal astrology.

You’ll discover the astrological blueprint for your career, relationships and life purpose.

And more importantly, you’ll learn Louis’s “shamanic journeying” technique to help you open up your 6th sense and embody the signs and planets into your being.

Astrology Unveiled:
A Beginner’s Journey Into Embodying The Mysteries of the Universe


This is Andrea Dupuis’s advanced astrology course to understand yourself, your life, and relationships at an even deeper level.

You’ll learn about planetary transits, mystic astrology, personal archetypes, relationship compatibility and more.

You’ll also learn how to monetize your knowledge and get paid to do readings for others.

This course is designed to take your practice to the next level and become a true expert.

Become Your Own Astrologer

Regular Price: $291


Bundle Discount: $232


Course #2:

  • How to discover the astrological blueprint for your career, relationships and life purposes so you can make decisions that align with your authentic self

  • The 2 best websites (and mobile apps) to create your natal chart. Many tools out there neglect the smaller planets (like Ceres and Chiron) that also influence your cosmic blueprint…

  • Your “Big 3” signs that determine your core identity, emotional blueprint as well as your “social mask” you put on for others

  • The 12 houses and how they impact your finances, self-worth, career, partnerships and other important aspects of your life

  • The energetic signatures of the 12 Zodiac signs that holds the key to self-understanding

  • Your soul’s purpose and biggest opportunities for growth – according to the 2 nodes of the moon

  • Practical tips and tools for integrating astrology into daily life & spiritual practices

  • How to use your birth chart for self-reflection, personal growth and decision making

  • How to use astrology to create more loving and harmonious relationships (hint: the first step is NOT comparing you and your partner’s birth charts!)

  • The “wounded healer” comet that holds the key to healing and transformation… look here to see where you may have inner wounds that need to be addressed


You’ll also get meditation tracks to take you inside your body and FEEL the energy of the planets. Once you do this your chart will begin to “speak” to you.

Louise Edington, expert astrologer with over 30 years of experience, brings you Astrology Unveiled.

This self-paced course teaches you the foundation of natal astrology and its numerous uses to benefit your life. It will teach you the essentials of uncovering the secrets of your birth chart.

What sets this apart from other astrology courses is you’ll also learn shamanic journey meditations and journaling exercises to help you embody the signs and planets in your own being.

This will open up your “6th sense” and intuition and allows you to make important life decisions with more certainty and clarity.

It’s not only the secret to learning astrology more quickly, but also enjoying a more fulfilling and extraordinary life.

what you’ll discover 
in Astrology Unveiled…

A Beginner’s Journey Into Embodying The Mysteries of the Universe

Get the Astrology 360 Bundle NOW for 20% Off

You see, when you begin to understand your traits, life patterns, strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level, you gain a renewed sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

You stop being so hard and judgemental of yourself…. and that critical voice in the back of your head quiets down and becomes your best friend… cheering you on and supporting you on your journey.

These are benefits that simply reading your daily horoscope cannot give you. That’s because it’s all about embodying and feeling these celestial energies, which you’ll learn exactly how to do in this course.

All of this in 8 core modules 
with easy-to-digest video lessons:

  1. Creating Your Horoscope
  2. Introduction To Astrology
  3. Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body Meditations
  4. The Zodiac Signs: Unraveling The Cosmic Archetypes
  5. The Planets: Celestial Messengers Of Influence
  6. The Birth Chart: Unlocking Your Cosmic Blueprint 
  7. Practical Applications of Astrology: Harnessing The Celestial Wisdom to Embody Your Chart
  8. Embodying the Mysteries of the Universe: Fully Living Your Natal Chart
Get the Astrology 360 Bundle NOW for 20% Off

Now if all you did was go through this course, you would know more astrology than 98% of people on the planet.

But if you want to tap even further into the universal wisdom that is available to you, then you’ll want to go through Level 2 with the Become Your Own Astrologer Course by Rising Woman’s Andrea Dupuis - also included in the Astrology 360 Bundle.

Course #3:

Get 20% off on all 3 courses when you buy this bundle!

Andrea Dupuis, resident astrologer for Rising Woman (featured in Elle magazine with millions of monthly viewers), takes you even deeper with Become Your Own Astrologer.
This self-paced course is the next step in your astrology journey. It offers even greater insights that you can immediately use to transform your life.

While Level 1 provides a comprehensive introduction to astrology, Level 2 takes you even further.

And even though these concepts are more “advanced”, everything is taught in an simple and informative format, so you’ll be able to connect the dots effortlessly.

You'll dive into advanced concepts and techniques, such transits and archetypes, allowing you to read your birth charts with greater accuracy and confidence.

And not only that - you’ll learn how to monetize your knowledge and do paid readings for others! 

In Become Your Own Astrologer, 
you’ll learn how to:

with Andrea Dupuis

Understand Your Personal Archetype
You'll explore your dominant planet, Astrological Archetype, and gain insights into your unique strengths and life purpose. You'll not only understand your own chart but also be able to unravel the mysteries of others' charts, making you a proficient astrologer.

Embrace Divine Timing

Timing is everything. Level 2 introduces you to the timing techniques that allow you to harness the power of planetary transits. You'll discover the best times for love, relationships, success, and growth, both for yourself and those you'll help along the way.

Leverage the Unique System of Mystic Astrology

Course 2 introduces you to Mystic Astrology, a blend of ancient and modern, eastern and western astrological systems. It's a holistic approach that connects you with something deeper, enabling you to offer profound insights to others.

Enhance Your Relationship Skills

Level 2 goes beyond personal insight. You'll learn to interpret compatibility in relationships, whether they're romantic, friendships, or business partnerships. It's a powerful tool for guiding others on their journey and fostering harmonious connections.

Monetize Your Knowledge

Level 2 equips you with the skills and confidence to read astrology charts professionally. In a world where the demand for astrologers is growing, you can transform your passion into a fulfilling career.

This course will help you take your astrology practice to the next level and become a true expert.

Get the Astrology 360 Bundle NOW for 20% Off

This course includes 6 modules:

Get the Astrology 360 Bundle NOW for 20% Off


  • What Sacred Astrology is, and why the system is so unique and outlines a path for your growth and development in life.

  • The differences between the various astrology systems so you can decide which one is best fit for YOU to read

  • Planets, Houses, Aspects, Dignity and Rulerships and how to apply each of them to your chart so it makes sense as a whole

Module 1
Chart Building Blocks

Module 2
Chart Interpretation

  • Once you discover all the elements that create a chart, we’ll dive into how to interpret and make connections between the elements.

  • How to make connections between various parts of a chart to start creating a ‘story’ about a person

  • Tools to better understand a chart, and why interpreting a chart from the mind is not enough!

Module 3
Your Feminine Astrological Archetype

  • Learn which planet is your dominant planet and your soul planet and how to work with the energy of your core planet

  • Know which element (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) is the most prominent for you and what it means for you

  • Are you a Venus Person, Moon Person, Jupiter Person? Know how to easily tell which type your friends are too!

  • How to ‘stack’ all of these learnings together to paint a picture of your unique feminine archetype

Module 6
Sacred Purpose and Career Destiny

  • What is your best career path and life purpose based on your chart?

  • Are your career and money making planets connected? Is your career the same as your soul purpose?

  • Why career and soul purpose are not the same thing

  • How to monetize your ability to read astrology and help others! The first step is to know your own chart first.

Module 5
 Powerful Predictions

  • The importance of divine timing, free will and how to use planetary transits to your advantage.

  • Which predictive techniques are the most accurate? Solar Returns, Dasha periods, Zodiacal releasing or transits?

  • Why astrological prediction is tricky and how charts can change over time

Module 4
Relationship Harmony

  • Why we each have a unique LOVE story and timeline and how to read yours and the story of others (no matter what your relationship and sexual orientation is!)

  • How to look at your compatibility through synastry and composite methods to see who is the best match for you

  • Why compatibility is just one aspect of relationship harmony, and the importance of relationship skills

  • How to see in your chart who your best and most harmonious matches are with potential partners, friends, family etc!

  • Tools to understand the purpose of each relationship

My time with Louise was pure magic. I went into it hoping for guidance - I was feeling a little off path and was questioning if I was in the right place in my life. I’m naturally a very intuitive person and my time with Louise validated and affirmed all the feelings that I had about myself and the future. There were a few times I got chills because she understood my soul on such an intimate level. Louise gently took her time with me and was happy to answer any questions I had. She created a safe and beautiful space for me to get to know myself more intimately. I’m blown away by how connected we are to the cosmos. If you want to feel more connected to yourself and the universe, I’d strongly recommend working with Louise.”

Ashley S.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Louise!  Though I have been studying Astrology for a few years, this was new to me!  Louise is an incredible Astrologer!  Her teaching is compassionate, intuitive, and insightful!  I was able to gain so much more clarity about my purpose and soul mission in this lifetime!  I was totally validated with how I felt regarding my work as a healer and not feeling in complete alignment as a healer.  She gave me direction and ideas that felt more of who I am!  I whole heartedly believe if more humans understood their Soul’s evolutionary journey and purpose, we could heal humanity!  I highly recommend time with Louise!  She is a standout in the growing popularity of astrologers because she understands that when we know ourselves at the deepest level and our Evolutionary journey ~ we heal, transform and can be of purpose in this!  I am so grateful!”
Jill W.

Andrea has an innate understanding of astrology that is brilliantly matched by her vast natural wisdom and intuition. Her insight and in-depth knowledge helped me gain deeper insight into my life and what I was going through. She gave me so much clarity as well as confirmation of what i intuitively knew to be true for me. I highly recommend working with Andrea! I trust her completely.”

- Christina Moses, Actor
A Million Little Things on ABC @christinamoses

I have had two readings with Andrea in the past and she’s blown me away every time! Her readings inspired me to dig deeper into astrology and learn about it myself. I signed up for her astrology course and have gained so much more knowledge and insight about my own chart and those of my loved ones. The course is broken down into manageable chunks and she does an excellent job of explaining everything in detail. If you’re interested in learning how to interpret your chart on a deeper level then I highly recommend Andrea’s course!"

-Kirpa Sudick star from ‘The Bachelor’

With unparalleled wisdom and insight, Andrea brings a unique accuracy and clarity to her work that facilitates awakening. Her fluency in both western and Vedic astrology offers a rich framework to access deep truth. I am moved by her ability to speak from this place, digging into  the heart of a matter with grace and skill. She is clear, insightful and wise. I feel so fortunate to have Andrea as a guide in my life."

Seraphina Capranos, Teacher & Founder of The Center for Sacred Arts

Andrea is an incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive astrologer and her unique approach to reading charts has resulted in the most accurate readings I’ve ever received. I deeply trust her wisdom and guidance. She combines the perfect blend of mind, heart and soul in her work and has helped me to understand myself and the world around me so much clearer."

-Leah Brathwaite, Best Selling Author and Life Coach